Visit our website at icstemsd and then click on the “register” tab.
This event includes paper publication, registration kit , refreshment , and access to all live event sessions.
All participants are expected to dress in business casual at our events. It can get chilly in meeting rooms, so we recommend layering up.
The conference will be held at the Atharva College of Engineering Malad, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
You can email your query to icstemsdconference@gmail.com or can call us on (+91) 9320399518 ,(+91) 9985433160
In addition to accepting onsite registrations, we encourage you to register early in order to receive valuable conference information and to take advantage of pre-conference networking opportunities available on the My Conference attendee portal.
We accept payment via bank transfer.
You can also present your paper online (Google Meet) if you can't attend an event despite registering for whatever reason.
The online searchable schedule for the conference has information about each of the sessions being presented.
Please submit your paper to this link: Click here