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International Conference on Science
Technology Engineering &
Maths for Sustainable Development

ICSTEMSD 2024 2nd Edition Coming Soon 15th & 16th Feb 2024

About Conference

The Sustainable Development and Fifth Industrial Revolution Conference brought together experts, innovators, and policymakers to explore the intersection of environmental stewardship and technological advancement. Attendees delved into discussions on harnessing the power of the fifth industrial revolution to drive sustainable practices, emphasizing the role of emerging technologies in addressing global challenges. Topics ranged from renewable energy integration and smart cities to circular economy models and ethical AI. The conference served as a platform for cross-sector collaboration, fostering a shared commitment to shaping a future where economic progress aligns harmoniously with ecological responsibility. Participants will get inspired, armed with insights and strategies to propel sustainable development within the dynamic landscape of the fifth industrial revolution.

Important Dates

Particulars Dates
Last Date of Paper Submission 31st January 2024
Intimation of Paper Submission 5th February 2024
Early Bird Offer 31st January 2024
After Early Bird Offer 1st February 2024

Advisory Committee Members